8 June 2023

Tips on writing good essay for student in local university

Essay, is it looks familiar? when someone already know about about article or news report, perhaps they already understand about essay. Yes, essay is short writing which has more than one paragraphs. In each paragraph, it discusses about different subject. The whole paragraph of essay is divided into three parts. First part is well known as introduction. The second part was called as body/content. The last part is conclusion.

In UNIROW, creating essay seems like a big problem for student. Struggling to make it is not that easy. This is due to limited knowledge they had about essay. most of the times, they just read about essay from magazines or newspaper and only able to create the same essays based on given example. This is bad as essay actually have lots of flexibility in many aspects. Student at UNIROW is expected to understand about the characteristic of essay and also able to create it based on their own knowledge about the topic. It is important to make deep research before creating an essay. Shall we continue our lesson?. In this post, I Would try to introduce Everyone about the description of essay and how to make a good essay based on what they know. The tutorial is based on the skills in learning English effectively.

Tutorial on writing essay
Simple tips on writing essay

The first part of essay is named as introduction. An introduction is opening stage in essay. It introduce Everyone with the topic that being chosen. This introduction is often located in first paragraph. The first paragraph is useful to give simple insight about the topic. It is encouraged to list few arguments starting from the weakest to strongest arguments. These three arguments are usually called as thesis statement. Thesis statement will make Everyone easily to move between paragraphs. Furthermore, it tells reader about the details of the topic being discussed.

The second part of essay is called as body/content. It is good elements which describe thesis statement. The body is located in the second, third, and fourth paragraphs (for instance, if Everyone have three arguments, they will need to explain it with three paragraphs). In order to make the essay looks good, support the idea with opinion and also facts. It is advised to seek the fact from high quality sources such as university and experts. These high quality sources are suitable in many cases. The fact also available form educational institution. Journal and research are the best sources to support the ideas in essay.

After supporting the idea in each paragraphs with high quality sources, it is the time to make it more natural and alive. To make it easier, always categorize and organize the ideas. It is best to locate and place it in second or fourth paragraph. It is not hard to decide the best place to put arguments. It depend on the topic and the way each author write it. The most import thing is to keep is as good as possible by starting from the weakest argument, middle argument into strongest argument. Once it has been done, surely the essay will looks more professional than before.

The third part of essay is called a conclusion. It restate the important part in each elements. Conclusion always available in the last paragraph. it explain the important content of the article to the reader. Always try to start with general statement and closed with final comment. A final comment is the point of view from the author which describe the last paragraph and state exclusively why the reader should think it is more important than the other elements.

Finally, an essay is divided into three parts. The beginning is often referred as introduction. It basically used as the brain storming to make reader ready for the next elements. Without good introduction, reader may have no idea on what they read and why the need to read it. That Is why it is great to start with good and appealing sentences. Always avoid using ‘heavy’ and mild language as it will reduce the value of introduction. Body or Content is the next elements in Essay. It describe essay with good structured paragraphs along with good supporting materials. Attaching the quotes and facts will make it even better. The last element is popular as Conclusion. It sum up the most important parts of essay. Conclusion usually available in one paragraph and consist of simple sentences.

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