30 November 2023

What should student do to learn English Effectivelly

Learn Effectively.

Learning English Effectively is an activity performed by student to maximize their time while achieving great result at the same time. It was inspired by using excellent Teaching Plan for teacher.

Student may learn seven times a week and still have no improvement in their skills and knowledge. It is because they trying to memorize and not to analyze. local teacher always ask student to memorize on what was available in books. The old pattern to learn should be changed. Learn to memorize is good for few things and very bad for many things.

Learn to analyze is better as it stimulate the brain to find out why a something is true while the others were wrong. They’ll began asking why it is happen and what make it possible. Such question is common things when student began using their brain to learn many things.

To learn effectively, student should understand on what they should learn and how to improve their minds easily.

What To Learn.

To learn effectively student should understand about what they need to learn. This is very important as it will give much difference in result whether student will gain benefit or not. Two students whom learning harder may got different result because one of them understand on what they should learn while the others only learn about what is available in books. Student whom learning harder about many things related with the lesson may achieve better result. Don’t just depend on books given by the schools. It is common mistakes to only depend on that books. There are so much resources in the internet. Use Mobile Phones to gather the resources.

Stimulate the Mind.

Learn EffectivelyOne more things to understand is human including student has an excellent brain. They essentially able to learn almost many things. What it needs is to open the mind with so many positive thinking. Students whom thinking the lesson is difficult will get nowhere. They must understand if learning is easy. Teacher may inspire them on what the other student in foreign countries did. Student in local areas were too much left behind. Basically it i an idea to think higher than the standard. If student was learning in elementary school, they should learn the way student in Junior High school thinking about the lesson. Teacher is responsible to make student thinking the way like that. It has no effect for student and yes, they were able to think like that.

How to Learn Effectively.

Student has to learn harder to get the best achievement. It is a condition which may lead into boring situation. For most student whom enjoy learning and make it as habit, it may become a happy situation. I remember myself being happy every time it come to learn English during my bed times. Here few things to which may sound interesting:

  1. Learn about a subject at once and improve it over time. Student should learn a chapter at the first time and when they think a chapter is easy, they may need to learn more than a chapter at a time. It was proven to be effective. I remember doing the technique while in junior high school. I manage to learn a books which designed to be used for a year in just a single week. Off course I didn’t fully understand.
  2. Always seeking for the related materials about the subject being studied. It is good to improve knowledge and beat the competition. I remember my teacher didn’t be able to answer most of my question even if they were related with the subject. The answer is simple, I get huge knowledge about the subject while the other may just read basic info from books. It is best to always get related and authentic materials elsewhere.
  3. Read books which is interesting. It is quite important for student. Most teacher didn’t understand about it. They only ask student to learn and never realize reading interesting books has big impact for the student.
    Student whom really love reading will get the read speed increased. It will make easier to understand a chapter quicker. Student whom reading faster may able to understand large topic at once. Reading interesting books will improve the skills in reading, increase the speed rate and refresh the mind. Books is source of the knowledge, right?

Student should only use the right method which may work best for them. Few tips above may work best for the author but there is no guarantee that it will work best for all students. Therefore, each student should try the best method for them. If you find the best and effective method in learning, kindly share it here.

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