15 November 2022

Identification, Description and Conclusion of English News

News has been a part of modern lifestyle. It inform us of the past events which has been done and also provide us with an estimation for upcoming events as well. Did you know if most public figures said news is really important for them? News has been a great help for human being. It reports any events and archives it for better future. We may not be able to know on what happen today in few years later if there are no newspapers, magazines or online media reporting it. News has been a good sources of information to make decision and inform us for any events which surely will make us stay informed. News maybe available in Magazines, newspaper, Television, Online media and lots of other publication platforms.

Student whom learn in UNIROW always have at least an assignment every month. most of the assignments are easy while the rest may hard to overcome. Almost all assignment require downloading material from internet. Last week, student from UNIROW have an assignment to get an English news. As all of us already know, almost every News have more than one paragraphs. Those Paragraphs will be categorized based on three factors: Header (introduction) main ideas and summary. The lecturer ask them to retrieve news about Papua. Then, it need to be analyzed and categorized into three categories.

The first category would be IDENTIFICATION. Identification is a process to identify the paragraphs. Identification sometimes mean to introduce the whole content. In a simple language, It means opening paragraph. It usually available at the first paragraph. Introduction is the important thing as it give reader the general view before reading the whole paragraphs. Student at UNIROW should understand about identification process.

Irna Diana English Report News
Irna Diana was reporting News about student’s activities in Senior High Schools in Local areas.

The second category would be DESRIPTION. Description is a process to describe the main ideas. It contains lots of important materials such as ideas, fact and many other things which are important for the readers. Description usually available after the first paragraphs. Description in news could be more than a paragraphs. While introduction is important, Description is far more important than it. Description can give readers the crucial information along with the explanation. Description also contains main reasons why the topics were important. the main ideas were backed up by some important reasons. The reasons will be explained for student in UNIROW in the next post.

The last Category in News would be Conclusion. Conclusion is the process to summarize the content and provide only the important things. Conclusion didn’t describe the topic. It just give brief and clear view about the main ideas. Conclusion could be considered as the important things in news. It strengthen the description and tell public about the topic based on the writer ideas. Conclusion usually available at the end of the paragraphs. After readers read the identification and description, They will be given summarize of the main ideas in the last paragraph. The Conclusion can be anything that influence the readers mind to believe and follow the writers ideas. student at UNIROW must be able to identify the conclusion which is available in the news.

Identification, Description and Conclusion are the three categories that always available in every news. Student at UNIROW should be able to identify all of them. They must get news about Papua and identify each paragraphs. then they write those categories in the left corner of the papers. Identification,description and Conclusion are the soul of each news. read more news and enjoy the excitement. Here are two documents as an example: OBSERVING INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY for YUNITA and International Community Watches Papua.written by Irna Diana (a student in UNIROW at 2009E – English class).

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