29 February 2024

Learning activities by using mobile phone to gain knowledge

Student have so many choices on how to learn the study at any times and anywhere. There are so many ways to study while doing another activities. In this article, we would like to show the student and teacher on how to use mobile phone to learn English.

Learning Activities.

What is Learning activities? It is an activities performed by student to study about  anything. Learning activities was done by doing some observations or research. In simple term, it can be done just by sitting in home or by reading newspaper. The activity that is done to retrieve information and knowledge is considered as Learning Activities.

Learning by Using Mobile Phone.

Mobile Phone is a gadget that is easy to obtain. It available in local market and everyone is recommended to have at least one. It has so much benefit to be used as tool to learn many things. Modern Mobile Phones have so many features. While it has so much benefit, Why we didn’t use it to improve the skills in studying the lessons.

Learn by using Mobile Phone

Mobile phone could be used to retrieve information from the internet. It is best to find few materials from internet and read it while there is time to do that.

An application in Mobile Phone enable user to use it for various purposes. Just install good application and it will help student in many aspects. Need dictionary? Use the phone to help solving problem related with dictionary.

Phone enable student to get more resources to learn English and other studies. Teacher also need to do the same ways as it will help them to answer any questions from their students. Using Phone is not necessary to learn a something but use it will give so much benefits. Here is my past opinion about using Mobile Phones as tools to learn English.

Students always want to have better marks in their assignment. They struggle really hard to realize it. Learn the materials till midnight or read again the materials from the school are common activities done by most of the students. They did it with a hope to get better result in the exams. I remember did those activities in the past. However, I found a new fact while learning in UNIROW.
Learning from 07.00 PM until midnight have been my activities since in elementary school till now (in University). Seems it was yesterday I have graduated from elementary school. I remember used to learn till midnight because of my brother always did the same activities. He really loves learning and his habit to learn everything make me so proud of him. I make his as an example for me.
I knew sometimes the habit to learn till midnight can be really bad. Sleepy while teacher was teaching in class is an example of it. My brother taught me to avoid it.
I found a new way to learn everything without being worried of sleepy. It is possible because there is no need to learn till midnight. Learning by using mobile phone is the answer. If there are difficulties while learning in class, student can get the references by using mobile phone. It means more info will be available at any times. Do you know the answer when I told my brother about it? He only smile at me and said “I already know about it”. He even gave me advice on how to do that because it didn’t as simple as what I thought.
Learning at anytime simply mean smarter. It is because student will collect much info and gain more knowledge. Mobile phone will make student able to learn all the times. It was chosen because mobile phone is a gadget that cheap and most students have it.

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