29 February 2024

Writing Essay Comparison and Contrast Topics by Irna Diana in UNIROW

Essay is short writing about any interesting topic which state opinion of the authors in appealing and good structures. It deliver the articles in special format. The structures follow general guidelines in creating good structural article and journal. An essay should have a header which Is referred as introduction. Another elements such as content and final words or conclusion also available which make it as good source for scientific articles.

Essay is divided into several types such as introduction, essay narration, essay description, essay classification, essay persuasion, essay comparison and contrast, essay process, essay definition, and essay cause and effect. At this time, I particularly would like to introduce the essay comparison and contrast. This is an essay which compares and contrasts things from the same general class. In making a good essay comparison and contrast, There are some steps need to be done. understanding the organization of essay is the key. The organization of essay comparison and contrast are introduction, body and conclusion. Here is some of simple way in making a good essay comparison and contrast. To fully understand on how to organize an essay comparison and contrast, the first thing to do is making an introduction.

Introduction contains a topic that is going to be discussed. It is basically an opening before the reader read the main content. Of course, it is located in the first paragraph and because of it is located in the first paragraph,make sure to create a general statement about the topic that is going to be discussed with clear and better opinion along with some supporting ideas. Adding an example or illustration will be great. A general statement is like a door in the house. Therefore, absolutely it should make the readers understand on what we were talking about. They will have their own point of view based on the information they read. They will have a temporary description about the topic. Afterward, write the thesis statements.

Example of Comparison and Contrast
Try to write Comparison and Contrast for the object above.

The sentences in Thesis statement should clearly state both subjects (compare and contrast) and the controlling idea. In other word, it also named as the sub points for the comparison and contrast. It compare both ideas.When It is the time to organize an essay comparison and contrast, the second thing that need to be done is making body of the essay. The body of an essay comparison and contrast is more complicated than any other types of essay. It is the core or main component of essay which compare two things that point out their similarities. Make sure to  understand the differences among the topic because the contrast and similarity need to be clearly understood to appealing essay comparison and contrast.

EASY WAY IN MAKING ESSAY COMPARISON AND CONTRAST by IRNADIANA.COM “EASY WAY IN MAKING ESSAY COMPARISON AND CONTRAST” Written by Irna Diana on Feb 10 is a simple tutorial for student whom learn English.“EASY WAY IN MAKING ESSAY COMPARISON AND CONTRAST” describe how to make essay comparison and contrast with an easy method. Rating: 4.6.

It is advised to make comparison and contrast in the same general class. For example, you can compare a social network, Facebook and twitter. But you will not compare Facebook and search engine, Google as it is totally in different general class. If you write about two things, be sure to write an explanation which apply to both of them. Afterward, write the topic sentence. It has to describe the topic and explain controlling idea for each paragraph. Explaining it in detail aspect for both things being compared are recommended.

Organizing an essay comparison and contrast is not that hard. The third thing to do is making a conclusion. A conclusion is the end of essay with a summary of the main point. The main point, of course, the similarities of a comparing things and the difference of a contrasting things. Then, you can add final comment. A final comment about things that you have compare and contrast personally. It have to be clear, and contain the summary and idea of both content and opinion.As a result, the organization of an essay comparison and contrast is divided into three part; introduction, body, and conclusion. In the part of introduction contains general statement and thesis statement. If you want to make a body of essay comparison and contrast, measure you write things from the same general class. Afterward, you write the point of similarities from the things you compare and the differences from the things you contrast. The points of the things must apply to both things. Another important thing in making a body, absolutely, are the topic and controlling idea for each paragraph. Finally, in conclusion you have to make summary about the things you talked about and add your personal final comment.

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