15 November 2022

Teaching word identification for student by Learning to Identify it

Words are complex letters and characters which form a meaning. Words are essential parts in sentences. If two or more of words being combined, there would be new description and meaning for it. Student should be able to identify words as it is the basic aspect to clearly understand the conversation. Without understanding the words in sentences, it is hard to follow the discussion and will be difficult for both parties whom involve in conversation. For most people, they just understand the sentence without the need to identify it. The reason is simple, they already use and hear it in daily conversation. But did everyone know if local student were having serious issues in understanding foreign language especially in the part of identify the sentences?

Identifying words is an activity related with analyzing and further research in categorizing words. The definition was taken from the idea from Mochammad Rifai , an author of UNIROW ASIA and professional researcher / teacher / Freelancer in Local area in East Java. Identifying words is conducting lots of action including comparing one word with another. The idea to identify words are to classify each words and also to make it easier for student who need help in creating a sentence in english. Learn is a process to be able to do a something. Identifying is a process to do further extensive research in details. Words is lots combined letters.

So, how do we learn to identify words? Here are the steps to do if you want to identify words:

  1. Make sure to write the words in you notes.
  2. Always pay attention with the location of the words
  3. The basic structure of the sentence is important.
Identify words in Sentences
Students were Learning to Identify words in class.

Identifying words in this steps is only for the basic. It will be updated in future. Those three steps above is the basic tips to successfully analyzing words. It always works and never fail. However, under some circumstances, the tips above will no longer works. But don’t worry about it. Another tips to encounter the problems will be available after you understand the first tips above.

Let’s take an example of it. “Student is reading Books”. We will analyzing a sentence above. Each of them will be analyzed carefully. If you were already understand about it, you can skip this lesson. However, you can keep learn it as the further lesson will be more difficult after all element which construct difficult sentences were added. Remember, this is just the basic. If you already understand about it, good for you. If not, it still not too late to learn about it. In fact, it will be too easy for you to learn english by using this method. shall we began the analyzing?

“Student” in the sentence “STUDENT is reading books” was a subject. I though everyone already know about it. I can tell you the basic things about subject but I would like each visitor to make their own definition about it. I would not going to say if subject usually located in the first sentence and the most important part of a sentence. did I say that? guess you were lucky to hear it from me. I always dream each visitor to make their own definition about a something using their own ideas after learning a something. In the next structure of a sentence, I would not describe the characteristic of a something. You have to make your own definition about it. Believe me, You will learn faster by doing so.

“Is Reading” in the sentence “Student IS READING books” mean doing a something. a subject (Student) is “reading” or still read books. “Reading” in the sentence above mean Predicate. What is Predicate? What are the characteristics? You will know about it if you carefully researching about it. Don’t just search it from the internet. It will not doing any good for you at the moment. Why don’t you just find the definition and the characteristics from the sentence above. you will be a great learner in the end if you able to identify it. I will help you with the definition and the special characteristics but I believe you were able to find it yourself. Don’t ask help from the others as it will screw your learning skills.

“Books” in the sentence “Student is reading Books” actually is an Object. Can you identify the object?. Where is the usual place for the object to appear in a sentence?. Do you think the object is useful or not?. That is the basic question if you want to be able to identify words, especially an object in a sentence.

By doing lots of training in researching and identifying words, It is expected that you will be able to use your own idea to learn faster than other. The most extensive learning actually is learning by using own definition. It will not only improve the skills but also cut the possibility to always need on other people. Start learn English faster by analyzing words. One last question for you to test your abilities. can you identify the words based on the sentence above if I added more element such as this sentence: “Student is reading books in DUTA ILMU”. If you were able to identify it, congratulations, You can advance to further tips.

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