29 February 2024

Teaching and learning Expression using English Material

Using expression in conversation has great impact in relationship. Student should understand on how to use it and what condition require it. In this article, I’m trying to explain few simple thing about ‘expression‘.

About Expression.

What is expression? Expression is a situation when we show our feeling to the other people. When a some one asking a question, it is best not only to answer the question abut also showing the expression at the same time. As an example, if our friend ask “Do you know how to learn effectively?”. Kindly answer the question honestly and don’t forget to smile at them. Smiling at this even was called as showing “expression”. “Expression” may not the same as “expressing opinion”.

Happy Expression.

English Material about Expression
Smiling is an example of happy expression.

As human, we cannot live without other. It is advised to keep good relationship. The best way to keep good interaction is by asking the condition. We can use “How are you?”. It is a type of question which is widely used to ask a condition of a someone. They will answer the question based on their condition. Most of the times they will say “I’m Fine, thank you”. What to do then? Smile at them and say few words. Smiling is an activity to show happy expression.

Sad Expression.

Sad Expression is the opposite of happy expression. If someone told us about sad events such as losing money or stuffs, it is encouraged to show them sad expression.

Teaching student to use expression.

We already talk about expression and expressing opinion. Both of them were not same. Expression involve an activity to tell another people by using movement or attitude. Expressing Opinion may involve doing expression. It is widely known as showing the expression by using words and sentences.

Learn on how to use expression.

Using expression is subject to follow the situation. It is always good idea to learn on how to use it and when it have to be used. Always avoid using wrong expression as it will lead into trouble. Expression will make other people really like us. It also has the ability to turn the relationship into negative. Expression is good for almost in any situation. Sometimes it is better to use expression rather than answering the question. Expression is the only choice when we don’t want to talk or discuss about a something. Just shake our head to the left and right and they will know what it means. Expression also useful to answer question make the answer looks formal. We can say “no” to refuse a something. Shaking the head to left and right or give a sign if it is ‘no’. Combining both expression and expressing opinion will result in good result.

Teaching student in Junior and Senior High School to use expression.

english materials

Student in Junior and Senior High Schools should be able to use and implement the expression into their daily activities. For student in Junior High School, teacher should understand the basic emotional element of human in young age. Expression involve an activities to move or express the feeling. Emotional elements and expression is closely related. Student with good emotional focus will have bigger possibilities to express their mind. For Senior High School, teacher has to be quite sure about what they need in young ages. They want to be famous and always get what they want. Thinking about it will make teacher able to teach them successfully. For student in junior high school, Teacher should directly show them various expression while teaching. They have the skills to copy and imitate the teacher activities.

For student in Senior High School, try to tell them a story and read their expression. They already understand on what should be done and what expression they should avoid. Keep doing some intensive communication and show them various expression while communicating. Alternatively, both teacher in Junior and Senior High School can teach them on what should they do whenever they encounter an events. Teacher should understand about few kinds of English material about expression. Few of them are introducing expression, asking for and giving advice, expressing pleasure and displeasure, etc. Further information about it available at ENGLISH MATERIALS for STUDENT in JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL

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