29 February 2024

Example Excellent Teaching Plan RPP written in English for High School

About Teaching Plan.

Teaching Plan is a guidelines on how to maximize times and efforts while teaching in class. It has several step by step on how to do the activity. There is always goals while teaching. An excellent teaching plan would always try to measure the times to accomplish it.

Who need Teaching Plan?.

All teacher need at least one Teaching Plan. Everyone whom teaching student need it.

Why Do Teacher need Teaching Plan?.

Imagine yourself driving car somewhere without map and no sign in road. What will happen? Guess everyone already understand it. Teaching plan has a goal to help teacher maximizing their times and achieve better result. It will guide them on how to be great teacher in class.

What will happen if Teacher didn’t use Teaching Plan?.

There will be no time management. Teacher will lose time and unable to accomplish the goals. Teaching Plan is good to make teacher remember on what to do at specified times. All teacher must understand on what to do in class. But did they understand on what to do at specified times?

Excellent Teaching Plan.

Excellent Teaching Plan for Teacher
An excellent Teaching Plan to maximize times.

Don’t mind the title. An excellent teaching plan is a guidelines which help teacher not only to maximize the times but also make it easier and faster to do the job in teaching. All teacher understand they have less time to teach the student. With so much lessons need to be done at specified times, it is going to be really hard. An excellent Teaching Plan trying to accomplish the goal by teaching few related lessons at once without stressing students. It need much skills and courage. Always confirm with local professor if there is problem in using it. The teaching plan can be used by any teacher. It is not that hard to use it. The hardest part is how to implement it successfully. Below is a basic excellent teaching plan. It was presented here as an example only. Any teacher whom really need it may ask me and I’ll gladly help it as fast as I could.

This Teaching Plan was written by IRNA DIANA during her free times. The article in this site was written with third-person point of view and that mean I would call my self as ‘other person’. The teaching Plan in this page is an excellent examples that can be used by many students and teacher in teaching. The document has been verified by Mochammad Rifai, an excellent author and Master of RPP and Syllable widely known in local areas. The teaching plan is submitted to lecturer under the title PPL 1. Currently, Irna Diana was a student of 2009 E in UNIROW.

While studying in FACULTY OF TEACHER TRAINING AND EDUCATION at ENGLISH EDUCATION DEPARTMENT in UNIVERSITY OF PGRI RONGGOLAWE (UNIROW) TUBAN, I was asked to make an excellent teaching plan. To finish the task, I began searching for materials and hundreds of tutorials. Luckily, I know a person that familiar with good structured English Teaching Plan. He taught me lots of things about the effectiveness and usefulness of teaching plan. Many tutorials and files in his site were really great resources for me. Judges from the resources, Mochammad Rifai surely know on his stuff.

The theme of the RPP is about social life. It is a teaching plan designed for teaching speaking.The allocated times is twenty fives minutes. It has three indicators such as: Understanding the contents, Using and expressing the ideas in the texts and Demonstrate it. The purpose of the document is to make student doing these things: First, able to answer the question. Second, Able to identify the expression and last, able to demonstrate it in front of class. For the Instruction, take a closer look on the example below:

Sit in a group of two or three to make short dialog expressing satisfaction, and dissatisfaction based on the given situation.
1. You have just received your study report, and your parents are not so happy about the unsatisfying scores on some subject matters.
2. You finally win a scientific speech competition after working hard on it for the last two months.
3. You are chosen as the best student in your school and awarded scholarship, you are freed from paying school fee for a year.

The Method used in this teaching Plan is Three-Phase Technique. The first step is Brain Storming by showing the images that will challenges the students to express their opinions about it. It then continued with core teaching and closed with Humor at the end of teaching times. You can take a look about it in the document. The assessment techniques used are: Performance Assessment and Rating Scale. Student with best marks in Quoted Utterances, Content, Fluency and Clarity, Pronunciation and Intonation, Grammar and Vocabulary will have greater score. The highest score is twenty. Once again, take a look in the document for more details. Students will be categorized into Mediocre, Good, Very Good and Excellent.

Below is the material that was used in teaching plan.

Read the following dialog and answer the question that follow.
(Arick and Aldiana are in the park and talking about the camera which Aldiana gives two weeks ago.)
Aldiana : How do you like the camera which I gave you two weeks ago, Ai?
Arick : It’s really great, Al. This is a kind of camera that I have always wanted to have it. It’s very different with my old camera. I’m very annoyed with the frequent troubles it has given me in some important moments. The new camera you gave me is very easy to use, very practical and has a lot of new features.
Arick : Oh, I’m really glad to hear that. Have you tried to use it to take some pictures?
Aidiana : Yes, look at these photographs! I took all of them using this camera. I’m really pleased with the result of every single picture that I took with this camera.
Arick : Yeah, these are fantastic! You have a good talent in photography, Ai. I’m satisfied with what you have done.
Aidiana : Thanks, Al. But I still need to learn a lot from you. Look at this photograph! I’m not satisfied with it. It is really difficult for me to take a picture of a moving object.
Arick : Well, it’s not good enough, but it’s not too bad either for a beginner. Perhaps we can go around in this park and I’ll show you some techniques of how to take pictures of moving objects.
Aidiana : I can’t say how delight I am to have a chance to learn from you. Thank you so much, Al 🙂
Arick : Please, don’t mention it. It gives me great pleasure to help you improve your talent, Ai 🙂

1. Who are involved in the dialog?
2. What does Arick think about the pictures that have been taken?
3. Which utterance(s) is/are used to express satisfaction?
4. Which utterance(s) is/are used to express dissatisfaction?
2. Sit in a group of two or three to make short dialog expressing satisfaction and dissatisfaction.

1. You have just received your study report, and your parents are not so happy about the unsatisfying scores on some subject matters.
2. You finally win a scientific speech competition after working hard on it for the last two months.
3. You are chosen as the best student in your school and awarded scholarship; you are freed from paying school fee for a year.

The Teaching plan was attached in this page as attachment but I receive a suggestion from local university to only help the teacher whom really curious on it. This is because the document was used by hundreds of students. Actually it wasn’t the real problem. The real problem is they labeled the document with their name and then sent it to the lecturer. Of course the lecturer knew on who make the document because there were already multiple teaching plan with the same contents. The decision to remove the link for download was taken to ensure no duplicate documents made by so many students. It was easy to make a teaching plan. I wish the information in this page is sufficient to encourage any students or teachers to make their own teaching plan (RPP). But don’t worry, I will make it available again once I think it is necessary for me to do so. If anyone in desperate and really need it, I may able to help with the document. (IRNA DIANA).

About Irna Diana

Hi, my name is Irna Diana and I am owner of this blog. I live in peaceful village about 10 kilometers from nearest town. Teaching and Writing are my favorite activities. All my articles are based on self-experience.


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