15 November 2022

Tutorial and Steps to create Good News Report for students in UNIROW

News Report is an activity to deliver the events which have been already done for public. News Report are commonly found in Journals, Magazines and Newspapers which the purpose is to inform the readers about what is happening in the whole world, especially any events around them. News report has been an important parts to get breaking national and world news, broadcast video coverage, and exclusive interviews.

Student in UNIROW are subject to create good news report. They were seeking for news report example and how to write a news report. This article was trying to help them by discussing what is news report writing and what is the structure of a newspaper report. To start create good news report, they ned to understand about news article structure. What is it? It is a structure which construct Standard News Report. What are they? Here they are:

  1. Introduction. It is the head of the News Report which is quite important. It also often referred as Identification. It is located in First Paragraph and off course it will answer 4 H questions (What, Where, When and How). “What” is for what message that used to be informed. “Where” is used to be the place or the news has taken. Then, “When” is to identify the time, when the event happen or the news has published. The last, “Who” is for the author or the reporter of the news. It tells the reader about general content of the news being delivered.
  2. Description. It is often referred as Body of the Paragraph. The main function of it is to describe the chronological event, time and who are involved in it. When a someone try to make a report news from the newspaper, for instance. It is advised not to reduce the value by throwing and cutting some elements. Don’t make it less informative, alternatively, adding few more supporting idea is good choice. Try to add self opinion, critic and suggestion, which absolutely related with the news being reported. at UNIROW, students are taught the simple ways on how to write effective news reports. Most of them need to know the basics and move forward to the advanced techniques.
  3. Conclusion. This the last parts in News report. It is the most important elements as it sums up the everything from beginning of the articles. Make sure to read Introduction and Description for few several times before creating Conclusion. It also the best place to express our final thought about the event being reported. The main function is to make readers understand about the topic. In advanced technique, Writer also state the solution or opinion about it.
Create good Nws report
Students in UNIROW were trying to create News report in garden.

Students whom learn in English Department in UNIROW should try to create news report in daily basis. Analyzing the factual events which happen around them is the first step to create good and appealing report. As a student whom learn English in UNIROW, We are responsible to keep our environment stay in good condition. We cannot just sit, watch and close our eyes with everything which may happen around us in every seconds. By hearing, becoming a witness and even watching news, we can make News Report which help the others. Students should learn to make public stay informed and about what was happen today. Doing so will make them able to improve their Writing Skill easily.

News Writing which is available in newspaper basically has more information on how to write a news story. If students were seeking for tips for writing newspaper articles, they should read the news and analyze it. Most questions like as ‘How to write a news article’ and ‘How student should create appealing news’ were answered just by looking at the news they were reading.

Introduction is to introduce reader with good facts. Description is the paragraphs used to convince reader while Conclusion is the main idea from the writer. That is the simple rules in writing News Report. In UNIROW, creating news report isn’t that hard but it could be a great trouble if the student didn’t know the first simple rules above. (written exclusively by IRNA DIANA for student in UNIROW).

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