29 February 2024

Another examples of English learning and Teaching Materials

This is another example of teaching and learning materials for student and teacher. It can be used as an example on how to write opinion and feeling. It was written using general procedure for writing articles in local institution. It may differs from the other standard available in another countries. Even each universities has their own different formula on how to write the opinion and fill it into an article. This is not general guidelines on how to use the material rather than only a basic example of material. Let’s read about it.

Save Poor Children.

Education for poor Children
Good place for student to get and continue the education.

Children is someone which is in elementary school. Each areas have their own definition about children. Basically, children in this article mean a student which is in the age of four until nine years old. Children has the rights to get and continue the education. They have no obligation to work just like the adult.Poor Children.

Poor children is a student from poor family. They may lose the rights to continue the education and forced to work due to economical situation. Children which is unable to get and continue the education due to poverty are categorized in to poor children. It is very sad situation watching them working hard when they should laughing and learning I school. Did everyone aware of their rights to get education for better life in future?

Save the Children.

Lots of children worldwide have suffered from many bad things. Wars, Natural disasters and poverty are the commons things caused the children not to be able to continue the education. Helping everyone is a good thing to do. Our parents teach about it all the times. It is really important to help others if there is someone needs help. If we have a something that is not useful for us, we have the option to help the others by donating it.

Another example of Teaching and Learning materials which is totally different:

Mr. Tri is a passionate people but not too passion to handle Mr. Leda Gienerca Sukirman. There is a puzzle that cannot being solved. It is about the assignment that has been changed by Leda Gienerca sukirman. Guessing it is the job that is usually done by my tri. But this time he was unable to do that. In fact, I’m start thinking if he thinks to much.

I see Mr. Leda Gienerca Sukirman didn’t impress Mr. tri. Changing the assignment make the situation become worse. Mr. Tri even think if his client could be impostor or cheater. He think like that just by analyzing the name of his client. I have read lots of magazines and journal and yes, there are lots of people believe if a someone who have a suspicious name can be a bad guy. But this is the first mistake made by Mr. Tri. He think too much about the name. He did analyze the name. I think it is really amazing that Mr. tri know lots of things about the history of Greek and other tales. Such knowledge are not being owned by everyone. But, thinking too much of the name is still a silly thing.

The fact that Mr. Sukirman changes the assignment could be because of a good reason. Maybe he want to donate only if the people he gave the donation can do the job or just because he want to test them. Guessing what he thinks isn’t an easy job. I can understand if Mr. Tri was unable to guess it. But, thinking of the person as the impostor or cheater because he wants the people want to guess it is not a good idea. Maybe I do think Mr. Sukirman is the liar too but at least I will make a further investigation before doing so.

Reading the whole story made me think if Mr. Sukirman is easy going people which always want the challenges. Mr. tri was focused in thinking him as impostor or cheater. That is why he was unable to think the reason. There is a clue. Mr. Sukirman changes the assignment but still didn’t change the payment. A cheater or impostor will change the payment in order to make a profit. I have a worked in hosting company for years and face lots of clients. Few of them were cheaters. If Mr. Sukirman is a cheater, he will change the payment for sure. Cheater will spend lots of times and make the people frustrate. Maybe Mr. Tri was frustrate because of thinking why the people who want to donate make a puzzle and not just donate the money. I believe Mr. Sukirman didn’t want to make him frustrate.

Mr. Sukirman is a good person. I can say this because He still gives a chance for Mr. tri to guess on the reasons why he changed the assignment. He even will double the payment if he could guess it. Three days are enough to get the reasons. Mr. Sukirman can change to other agency if he wants it but he still gives the chance. Why he asks Mr. Tri to guess is another mystery. The fact that Mr. Sukirman is the second richest man in the town makes sense. Sometimes, a rich man does a something odd. It often happens in my life. Mr. Tri should understand it at first if he really take the words of Mr. Sukirman that said if the money isn’t the problem. When Mr. Tri knows if Mr. Sukirman was the new owner of the agency since last month from his boss, It is Another fact that made me smile. Sometimes the owner needs to know the capabilities of his people.

Two example of teaching and Learning Materials above were totally different as the first example was quite easy, simple but quite easy to understand. The next example was hard, need lots of thought and may not too easy to be read by casual reader. It is encouraged for student to write the article or essay using the first standard above. Teacher may choose the best method based on their judgment. While writing the first example above, I was thinking saving poor children is an important agenda for government and public. I wish all children able to get and continue the education.

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