15 November 2022

Example of the English Teaching and Learning Materials for student

English Material is collection of useful resources to teach english easier and also learn english faster. It available for both student and teacher. English teaching materials were designed to be used by teacher while English Learning Materials may be used by student to learn english faster. The use of English materials are subject to to follow the general rules in teaching and learning english. Each individual has different background, and skills, sometimes even different moods in learning and teaching english.

Example of Teaching and Learning Materials for Student.

The usefulness of English Learning and Teaching Materials could be measured by the result of the implementation. Here is an example for both of them which can be used by student and teacher. It is an opinion from a student which trying to sum up and commenting an essay about “Sumpah pemuda”, an article which written by my professor. It consist of how student and young generation can help building the nation by studying harder and lead the nation.

Study hard to Build The Nation

Learning and Teaching Material
The Author were trying to pass on the creativity and skills on how to be helpful person in any condition.

A prosperous country is a dream of everyone. Many innovations and inventions were used to achieve the goal. Great countries such as United States and Japanese have really long stories. Both of them have implemented lots of inventions and innovations to make the countries become greater and better. They were not great countries at first. They become greater because of the people who control the nations. In specific, young people take the great role in the progress. They struggle really hard to make their nations become great countries as what we can see at the moment.

Indonesia is not yet a great country. At least, that is what I believe in my mind. I do only state that great country is not only a country which is rich but it is a country that can maximize any resources it had. A country with fewer resources can be added into the list of great country if it can use it very well despite of low resources. The resources are not only by the mean of materials but also the efforts to make the country become greater.

Indonesia used to be a great country in the past. The proof is a document named as “SUMPAH PEMUDA”. It is a vow made by Indonesian in 28 October 1928. The vow itself contains three important sentences. The first sentence said as the young man they vow to be Indonesian without exception. The second element said if they only believe in one nation, Indonesia. The last part state if they respect ‘Bahasa’ as the language of Indonesia.

Important message in Sumpah Pemuda.

It seems my professor looks really concern with the situation in Indonesia. Through the writing at the last sentences in his first paragraph, he stated if it should be the old men who were doing the vow and not the young men. This only mean one thing, He criticizes the people who have had forgotten about the nationality. He stated “We Live happily in this world is just more than gift, So, it should be us who make the vow and not the young”. However, further analyzing of his writing proof is he also asking all the people and not only the young men to believe once more time to a vow made by young men in 1928.
The writer looks really like the three sentences in the document. He state about it many times. There is an important message in his writing. He want the young men at this modern era to believe once more time to the three sentences in the document as he believe it.

In the last paragraph, he really proud of the beautifulness of his country but also wonder why there are so much things that have been forgotten by everyone. He give the example such as the vow made in 1928 which is the basic struggle to make Indonesia as independent nation, the cultures that differentiate Indonesia with other nations.

Conclusion and expectation.

In few paragraphs, there are lots of messages for reader. The writer seems really love the nation. He ask for everyone at his age to keep moving forward once more time. It also mean he ask the young men to struggle hard as what the people in 1928’s did. The writer looks full of spirits. He stated that the freedom of Indonesia is the important thing and he willing to defend it till the last. He also wouldn’t let bad people to do bad things to the country. At the last sentence in last paragraph, He asks everyone to keep Indonesia in the ‘healthy’ condition. Depth in my heart, I think the professor want to make a statement “It is our vow to protect the assets of the country. We will keep it safe. We will not stop to struggle for Indonesia. We will do everything to make Indonesia as what the prosperous country as what the people in 1928’s want it. If we (the old men) can do it, how about you (the young men)? Will you struggle really hard for your country as what we have done?”.

Sometimes I feel my professor trying to communicate and send the message from young people who live in 1928’s. maybe it just my opinion but I learn one thing from his writing. As the young men will struggle even harder for this country. We will make the spirits of people in 1928’s alive in our heart. We will always remember it. At last, I’m starting to believe if Indonesia is a great country. We will make Indonesia even greater from now on. We cannot make any vow about it but we make the vow which is created in 1928’s as our vow. I love Indonesia.

The example above could be used by student and teacher in local areas. For schools and education institution, the example above maybe used for elementary and junior high school. It is specially designed to be as simple as possible while keeping it looks like written by student in Junior high school. It may looks complicated at first but it was written as is. At last, it was only an example and the purpose is to closely match an article writing by student.

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