29 February 2024

What should student do while learning in University?

Studying in University is like as a luxurious lifestyle in local area. It is because not so many people able to continue the education. The problem is always with economical issues. Learning in University is requiring lots of funds and that is one of the cause why education is really expensive in my area.

let’s relax for a moment and this page will not discuss about a tutorial on how to learn a something. This tiny post will only discuss about a little fact that make me asking all the times.

So for anyone that was granted by the chance to continue the study, I would like to ask you a question, What should you do while learning in University? Will you study hard and become smart student or would you help the poor people to be able to continue the education or do you want to help the others who need help? While studying in UNIROW, there are lots of things come in my mind. I was so sad watching lots of people were unable to go to college because of no money to register in university. The fact if education is really too expensive made me think if my country is too poor enough to make education become cheaper or even free. It seems the country is still didn’t learn from the mistake. While struggle to get the freedom in the past, it is education which become unity that make it come true.

What student do while learning in University? I believe student should learn harder and always examine the surrounding environment. By doing this, they will be able to feel the problems that were happen in society and someday when they become the leader (I believe one of the student must be a leader someday), lots of those problems will be eliminated.

Maybe I was thinking too much. I was still not alright as the doctor recommend me to stop using computer for some periods of times. I wish all learners should aware of the problems around them. This is important because they will be a someone that able to change the situation in future.

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Hi, my name is Irna Diana and I am owner of this blog. I live in peaceful village about 10 kilometers from nearest town. Teaching and Writing are my favorite activities. All my articles are based on self-experience.

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