29 February 2024

English Materials for Students and Teacher in Junior High School

Learning a something new requires dedication and high motivation. Without doing so, it will most likely going to fail. Learning English is the same. It need lots of dedication and enough motivation. Students with high motivation would find learning English are quite interesting while the others would think it just another boring activities. With high dedication, a student will learn English at anytime and anywhere.

Motivation and Dedication are the key to learn English successfully. However, without the material to learn, nothing can be achieved. Even a student who having great dedication and high motivation will have less chance to success without materials. Material is a something that ie being learnt. It consist of multiples documents or worksheet to be used by student. Learning a material will increase student’s skills and ability in understanding English.

Student whom learn at junior high school is capable in learning it. Anyone who still at elementary school are not recommended to learn this materials. Because of the difficulties of gathered materials, only student in junior and senior high school are recommended to use it. However, I encourage anyone who learn English to use it. Read more at THE EXPRESSIONS OF ENGLISH MATERIAL FOR JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL.

English Materials Discussion
Discussion about English Materials

‘English Materials’ for student and teacher Have been updated. Mochammad Rifai (Mentor of this blog) have been uploaded the materials to public repositories in University. Student and teacher have the option to ask questions about English Materials especially used to teach English fast and efficient. In order to make anyone satisfy, I will try to explain on the part of the materials and how essential it is in learning English. read the quote below.

Teacher is to be kind of walking resources center in the classroom. in the other words teacher should always be ready to offer help if it is needed. Therefore, teacher has to appear to be well prepared and knowledgeable about the material.

From the statement above, we know that teacher should always be well prepared and master the material very well. Then, for you that really want to be an English teacher for junior high school and senior high school. Below is some of English material for student in junior high school and senior high school. But, it’s okay for anyone whom already become an English teacher to use it too. Everyone else are welcome to read this post.
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All materials are exclusively for student in junior High school. Teachers are allowed to use the list of materials here to use as base materials in teaching English. By creating all the materials below, teacher will have better chance to successfully teach their student in understanding English.

PART I EXPRESSION MATERIAL (The first chapter in learning English)

  1. Introducing (contains introduction methods for student in junior high schools)
  2. Asking for and giving advice (always make sure students have no difficulties in asking for help from teacher and giving advice to others)
  3. Expressing obligation or non obligation (student should understand it)
  4. Expressing surprise (sometimes unpredictable moments happen and it will be great if student able to express it in English)
  5. Expressing pride (use the expression when necessary)
  6. Expressing capability or incapability (sometimes student need to express their capability in doing sometimes and at the sometimes express incapability in other activities.)
  7. Expressing an apology (everyone make mistakes. asking for apology is important. A part section in teaching English for student. They will use it more often than others.)
  8. Expressing pleasure or displeasure (another important materials for student to pleasure a someone)
  9. Expressing an agreement or disagreement (able to agree and disagree with others opinion is also important)
  10. Expressing sympathy (when a bad things happen to others, student should sympathy for it)
  11. Expressing like and dislike (whenever there is a something new, there will be a someone like it while another might dislike it. Also important for others)
  12. Expressing satisfaction or dissatisfaction (while enjoy a product or moments, we may satisfy or else dissatisfy with it)
  13. Offering services or help (student should be able to offer helps to other)
  14. Inviting someone (Inviting a someone is necessary if there is a something new such as concert or new movies in the town)
  15. Asking for, giving, and refusing to give permission (student will need this a lot)

That is the basic materials to be used for student in Junior high schools. Any teachers are allowed to use it and when the materials become available, student are expected to learn from it.

Irna unirowENGLISH MATERIALS for STUDENT in JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL (UNIROW TUBAN notes) Reviewed by Irna Diana on Feb 27 . Materials for student in junior high school All necessary materials which consist of important aspect in learning English to be used by teacher whom teach student in junior high school. Rating: 4.8
ENGLISH MATERIALS for STUDENT in JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL (UNIROW TUBAN notes). 10 out of 10 based on 1024 ratings. 549 user reviews in facebook.

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