30 November 2023

Top Five Activities in University (UNIROW)

Campus and University.

University is an awesome place to improve the skills and gain more knowledge. It is also a great place to hangout with friend and do some social activities. Many activities can be done beside learning in university. So what kind of activities that can be done while we learning in University? This post will give some clues on what should be done while gathering knowledge.

Activities in University.

Campus is the best place to do lots of activities. Various people from all around places come up to the university for the same purpose. To study hard and achieve the degree they really want. Student in Universities may choose interesting activities based on their hobbies. For student whom really interesting I sport, there are Football, Volleyball, etc.

Top Five Activities in University.

This is a list of top five activities in campus which is taken from my private observation. The observation was done last season. It actually takes few weeks to complete and the result available below.

This is top five activities to that can be done in College.

  1. While gathering with friends, student may learn by using Mobile Phone
    Hangout with friends.

    Gathering with friends. This is an activity which is really popular in local college. In every corner of the campus, there would be groups of students chatting with their friends. Hang out with friends has been the most favorite activity because it make them happy just by talking with friends. lots of people in social sites such as Facebook and Twitter agree with this opinion. They even recommend it because it will not only improve friendship but also will benefit them in many ways. It make sense as a someone who gathering with others have more experiences in speaking or listening than the one whom live alone.

  2. hangout with friendsGoes Online using free Internet Access (Wi-Fi). What else to do if students didn’t have times to hangout with friends? Going Online is the answer. They enjoy doing social activities through online social networking. Activity to go online has been a choice for student because it is easy to be done and they rally happy while doing it. Most of them have lots of friends in social networking and prefer to go online whenever there are free times. They were using free internet access. This activity is the preferred choice of almost all student in university. Internet access is still not cheap enough in local areas. Using free internet access is a good thing to do.
  3. Tasting food. Everyone need food and student is no exception. Student in university whom spent more times learning ‘heavy materials’ tend to be hungry earlier. Off curse I need to make research to prove my idea. Tasting Food is very popular activity in college. There are few places which provides foods for them and most places were awesome, fresh and make them sleepy. Am I said sleepy? well, it is true. Some of my friends still did this in their free times. Combined with hanging around with friends, it will be a great choice to do. Tasting foods will make student sleepy, err, I mean happy and ready to hang out with friend or continue following the classes.
  4. Irna Diana help USHanging around looking for good scenery. A very recommended activity. There are few spectacular and amazing scenery around campus. Student don’t need to pay just to visit good place which offer good scenery. Actually there is always good scenery everywhere. If I have to ask you, which one do you think is better, watching white board in class or watching good scenery outside of class? Surely the answer would be outside of class. Just for info, Student will watch those white board for years that is why it is less entertaining for them. Student should crate good scenery if it is possible. In local area, Campus allow them to make an artistic arts which will make student really happy and enjoy visiting campus.
    Only few people did the activity to enjoy good scenery in campus but it surely a good activity. student can walk around university while enjoy awesome scenery. A must activity if you want to enjoy the time while learning in University.
  5. Taking picture or video. This activity is the most loved activities by most student. They taking the picture or record the movie that will be be shared through their favorite social sites. Most of the times while gathering with friends, they will taking a picture and upload it to their group. There is no need to buy for high price camera. The fact is, student love to use their phone to capture the picture/videos.

Those are five activities that are popular among student that can be done while in university. Any other activities you may know? share with me here through comment below and I may add it into the post.

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Hi, my name is Irna Diana and I am owner of this blog. I live in peaceful village about 10 kilometers from nearest town. Teaching and Writing are my favorite activities. All my articles are based on self-experience.

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  2. Student in Another Universities may have the same activities with just little differences. If you have any idea about other activities not available in the list above which may popular in another universities, just write it here and I may added it into the list. As for now, that are the top five activities in UNIROW (which MAY become top activities in another universities).

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