30 November 2023

Learning process should be fun

learning should be fun.

Is it fun to learn? Well, in my personal perspective the answer is sometimes yes and few times probably not. It depend on the situation and what subject being learnt. Learning English has been great moment for me. Always doing it in night after playing with my cute cat (Yes I love pet). Making learning fun is essential. Most student didn’t enjoy studying and if they have to do it, they think it as something that has to be done to make them smarter.

I have good conversation with professor from Australia about it. He has the same opinion with me. “Studying didn’t make student smarter”. Please do not quote it without proper understanding. Studying didn’t make student smarter because what make them smarter is their brain able to absorb knowledge. So it is the work of the brain. What does it mean? it clearly mean even if student didn’t study in the night, they’ will be smarter if they able to absorb the lesson. Studying is process to be smarter but the real answer to be smart is depend on how student use the brain. They need to teach the brain in order to be smarter. And yes, studying in the night is on of the process to become smarter. But off course there are so much better ways.

Fun or not, it was differ between student. So if a method is working for someone, it may fail for the other. To make the learning process really fun, just make sure to only learning whenever we were ready to learn. Learning while ready will make it easier to master the lesson. Student being considered as ready if they were happy and really want to learn the lesson.

Gathering with Friends.

hangout with friendsWhat good it is for learning? Well, gathering with friends is an activity which will make student happier. During my research in local school few months ago, I wasn’t surprised if the result is student really love to hangout with friends rather than spending times in class. They learn in class for several hours and it make them losing the mood. Gathering with friend will bring back the mood and there is one positive effect, improve the knowledge. The professor agree with my research and showed me few facts through email. I may need to post it here in future.

Basically student is learning hard in class and learning fun outside of class while gathering with their friends. There is no difference between inside and outside of class. Both of them enable student to learn. Teacher should understand if student may able to improve the skills just by gathering with friends. What they need to do is creating good environment to make it happen.

Learning while gathering, is it possible?

Off course it is possible to learn while gathering with friends. Many teachers may didn’t agree with me as they though gathering with friends isn’t a learning process. Well, actually hangout with friends can be a good method to learn faster. They could share the experiences, training their skills and bound to find the weakness. Teacher only need to make it real. They need to make good environment which will make the student willing to learn while hangout with friends. As an example, applying ‘Friday as English day’ is effective. There are so much possibilities to make it true.

Gathering with friends and have fun.

Leanrning English with friendsIt is nice to gather with friends and chatting all the day. Gathering with friends have been a tradition in local area. All students like to talk with their friends while they are gathering in free times. Some of them were chatting and shouting each others happily. Such situation made me think to develop a new way to learn English. After analyzing the situation for more than three weeks, I found a new way that maybe useful for everyone. It is a way to maximize the times by using any activities to learn English. After reading a blog about How To Learn Faster which has lots of articles about learning English faster and better, I came up with a new idea. I brought the idea to ‘a someone who have an authority’ and he seems really delighted with the idea.

For three consecutive weeks, I made reports on how student use their free times. Most of them spent the times by hanging around with their friends. The gathered with their friends and split up when the class was started again. So basically, they gather with friends. Doing lots of activities such as chatting, shouting and joking happily.

If you were thinking the idea is to make them using English in their activities, you were wrong as It is impossible to make them using English in their activities as student in local areas have low confident in using English in their free times. If you were also thinking to have them start using English in their activities, you were wrong too.

The idea is to make student learn English without they realize it. Is it possible? during the testing made by ‘The man who have an authority’, it is possible to make student learn English without they realize it. This technique was named as passive super learning. It require lots of preparations and the result is really awesome. It is a technique to transfer the knowledge by doing conversation. I doesn’t need to be using English  It depend on the subject, if they good and has good confident, English is preferred, otherwise, native or local language is the choices. When the conversation started, the knowledge was being transferred because they will got so much explanations with joy.

So, what should be done in order to make it possible? Well, because it use passive super learning techniques, it require a someone that is smart enough to transfer the knowledge to the others. The testing was done by ‘A someone who have the will’ whom really good in English and Myself. The result was really great. It will be continued in the next post as it is in the middle of the midnight when I write this post. Ah, I almost forgot, gathering with friends was chosen because many student in UNIROW love to do that. Read about Top Five Activities in University (UNIROW) and you will understand. ‘A someone who have the will’ is a man who found lots of techniques in teaching English. He is an expert in learning English faster. He is not the best but really curious when it come to learn English. At least, that is what I though about him. He didn’t like publication, tough.

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